COD remover HC

COD remover HC is a new type of chemical agent which is specially developed for the difficult removal of soluble COD in wastewater, such as printing and dyeing industry. It has obvious effect on COD removal and no pollution caused by sludge.

Appearance: Granular (solid)
Active Ingredients: 99%
PH value: 6.5-7.0 (1% aqueous solution)

Usage: 0.5-2.0g / l, can be added to the reaction pool, callback pool or discharge port, the specific amount determined by experiment. Experiment to take a certain amount of waste water (such as the callback pool, drain water), add the appropriate amount of COD remover HC after stirring for 1 minute, standing 0.5-4h to determine the amount.

Storage and packaging:
1. slightly corrosive, the operator can bring a good protective equipment.
2. is a general dangerous goods, prohibited that work with toxic substances, strong acid, alkali and a variety of dangerous goods.
3. should not be long storage, load gently, if fire, can be use e water and firefighting device.
4. 25KG kraft paper or plastic bag.